Happy Day, Father

Today is the day when fathers jump to the front of the queue. As a kid growing up, I saw my father as a pretty neat guy. Not cool, mind you; like, say, Chuck Norris (how cool would it be to have Chuck Norris as your dad?) but pretty awesome through my young eyes. He was Mr. Fixit, which, when you live on a farm, kinda comes with the territory. He was the sole breadwinner, working a job full time in addition to working the land. He was a WWII vet, spending the better part of 2 years bobbing around the North Atlantic hunting German U-boats. He had a great sense of humour – I can still hear him belly laughing at the antics of Bugs Bunny and the Roadrunner while I sat and watched cartoons. He was a sports nut; be it Hockey Night in Canada, or the local softball team, he watched. He was a maestro with a barbeque, when charcoal was not only king, but the only game in town. And, as a peculiar quirk, he was fascinated by the weather. Along with catching the forecast on the news, he (like most farmers) was adept at ‘knowing’ the weather. I can picture him standing outside, analyzing clouds, listening to the trees, or the birds, or the bugs, and accurately predict a change in conditions.

He passed away many years ago, at age 75. There was much life to live, for him – family milestones to be celebrated; grandkids he never really got to know. Does it ever all work out just the way we want it?

To all the dads out there, take a bow. You’ve earned it. Enjoy your day.

Handsome young dude, wasn’t he?


A Life Story

In springtime, a robin’s thoughts turn to, well, making more robins. This year, my house seemed to be the preferred place for procreation. I convinced a busy female that, no, the wreath on my front door was NOT the best place for her nest. But the outdoor speaker at the back of the house was an OK spot. And whether it was wreath mom, or a different bird, I soon had a nest there. Being a photographer, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass. I built a small box, painted it dark green, cut a hole in the bottom, and made a quick access panel for the side. Inside went my GoPro camera, a small video device perfect for a job such as this.

I recorded video every day at first, in 2 hour blocks. As the babies grew, I recorded their growth at greater intervals. Mom, dad, the babies and me seemed to work well together – or, at least they tolerated me long enough to get the camera in and out of the box without too much fuss. I would show them the end result, but they have since moved on with their lives.

The nest remains. Hopefully, next spring, another robin chooses this spot to make a family. I can’t promise she’ll be a star in her own video – but it is a cool spot to raise a family, just the same.


On Your Mark, Get Set…

Everyone, it seems, has a blog these days. And since I want to express my individuality by doing what everyone else is doing, I’ve created one too. This is it. It will be deeply profound, change the world type stuff. Or not. Actually, it will probably be like most blogs – random thoughts about the world in which we all live; pictures or videos I like. I hope it makes you stop and think. Or smile. Or laugh. Life is complex and fascinating, and sometimes, I can’t let it pass without comment. Welcome.