A Life Story

In springtime, a robin’s thoughts turn to, well, making more robins. This year, my house seemed to be the preferred place for procreation. I convinced a busy female that, no, the wreath on my front door was NOT the best place for her nest. But the outdoor speaker at the back of the house was an OK spot. And whether it was wreath mom, or a different bird, I soon had a nest there. Being a photographer, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass. I built a small box, painted it dark green, cut a hole in the bottom, and made a quick access panel for the side. Inside went my GoPro camera, a small video device perfect for a job such as this.

I recorded video every day at first, in 2 hour blocks. As the babies grew, I recorded their growth at greater intervals. Mom, dad, the babies and me seemed to work well together – or, at least they tolerated me long enough to get the camera in and out of the box without too much fuss. I would show them the end result, but they have since moved on with their lives.

The nest remains. Hopefully, next spring, another robin chooses this spot to make a family. I can’t promise she’ll be a star in her own video – but it is a cool spot to raise a family, just the same.


7 thoughts on “A Life Story

  1. This video is truly amazing Barry!! Awesome footage of the chicks, so cool!!!

  2. Incredible footage, Barry! We, too, have a robin’s nest just outside an upstairs window almost perfectly placed for our ‘viewing pleasure’ ! Way better than TV and so heartwarming to watch. Glad to see you’re trying a blog, I’ve always enjoyed your ‘musings’ in the

  3. I’m glad your boy posted this on reddit. I and my 7 yr old really enjoyed it.

    I forsee some nest building in her summer plans!

    Post more videos, if you would. You’ve a new follower in us.


  4. Wow this is a sweet video! As a child I remember there being a robin’s nest outside my bedroom window, so this is awesome nostalgia for me. Very well done, I like the music to it as well, it gives it a certain something

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